*Admissions for this September are now being taken for Year One “5 year olds”.

Assalamualaikum, Welcome to Imam Zakariya Academy Primary School


Imam Zakariya Academy Primary School was established in September 2003 at Forest Gate Masjid London E7. ¬†Initially, the school enrolled just 10 pupils but over time, by the Grace of Allah, the school expanded and has gone from strength to strength. Alhamdulillah till date we have been privileged to have cared and nurtured over 600 pupils out of which 30 have gone on to become Hafiz of the Quran, whilst fifteen have graduated with degrees in Islamic Theology. This institution specializes in cultivating young learners to be broad and balanced British Muslim Citizens who will positively contribute to society, as well as the teaching of the memorisation of the Quran from the outset of a child’s learning career.