We are Imam Zakariya Academy. 

Imam Zakariya Academy was established in 2003 with the vision to cater for Islamic education for the Muslim community.

It was first initiated with an Islamic primary school for children catering for national curriculum as well as a rich Islamic curriculum with Hifzul Quran.

From 2004, the first part time Alimiyyah course in the English Medium was structured for post 16. As well as appreciating the Darul Ulooms, their efforts and our elders, IZA Alimiyyah gave opportunity to the non Urdu speaking students to fulfil their dreams of also becoming an Alim without having to leave their jobs or academic education.

Alhamdulillah with the mercy of Allah Tala and the hard work of our staff, IZA Alimiyyah had its first graduation in 2014 and since then students have continued to graduate from this Alimiyyah course.

To cater for sisters, IZA started weekend Madressah with Sanatain and other short courses in 2007.

This was a 2 year course structured by Jamia Alkawthar, Lancester with all the necessary elements highlighted by Shariah for muslim sisters.

After seeing a rise of interest in sisters to further their Islamic education, in 2011 IZA initiated the 5 yesr Alimiyyah course for sisters in the English medium.

In 2017 Imam Zakariya Academy initiated the "IZA Courses" to cater for the Muslims in between Madressah and Darul ulooms' who dont have the ability of sacrificing full time due to their busy life schedules. Small structured courses have been tailored with the help of Allah tala to give every Muslim a thoughrogh understanding of Shariah in small periods of time and days.