Living in London, the fast-paced life makes it difficult for someone to invest time and effort in learning the Deen and Shariʽah for their own understanding and gaining confidence. Many courses are available for Muslims to attend however some are too extensive and others are too short. May Allah reward everyone for their humble efforts.

With this in mind, The IZA courses team have constructed courses to cater for the busy working Muslim.

The subjects have been carefully selected and developed by selecting the most important subjects and essential topics. This will allow one to attain sound understanding of the core tenets of Shariʽah whilst meeting the demands of life’s other commitments and ensuring that the study of Islam and Shariʽah is not compromised.

The course aims to give participants confidence in practicing the Deen and gives a good grounding in understanding Shariʽah to earn the eternal life after death.



TAFSEER - Explanation of the verses of the holy Quran by giving the background of each verse and chapter and what Allah is mentioning to his servants.

HADEETH - Explanation of the spiritual aspects of Deen and making practice and steadfastness easy.

ARABIC LANGUAGE - The module covers from the intermediate levels to advance levels of Arabic. It is aimed at non-Arabic speaking individuals and gives an understanding to basic Arabic language.

FIQH (JURISPRUDENCE) - Islamic jurisprudence according to the Hanafi Fiqh in matters related to cleanliness, Salah, Zakah, fasting, Hajj, marriage, Inheritance and Halal and Haram foods. Covering the basics related to each subject to giving a Muslim confidence in their practice of Shariʽah.

TAJWEED - Making the recitation of the Quran according to how it is ought to be read by applying all its rules and ensuring students are fluent in their reading of the glorious Quran.

AQEEDAH (YEAR 1) - Islamic creed and belief. The module covers three areas:

1) Misunderstanding and misconceptions in belief.

2) The different deviated sects.

3) The beliefs of Ahlu-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah.

Upon completion of this course students would be expected to have the satisfactory understanding and knowledge to practice their Deen.